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Monster Entertainment Recognized as European Distributor of the Year

Monster Entertainment Recognized as European Distributor of the Year

Cartoon Forum has just finished its 2012 edition with their annual Cartoon Tributes, and the awardees for this year’s Cartoon Tributes is Ireland-based company Monster Entertainment, along with fellow Irish studio Jam Media and French channel Gulli.

Awarded with Investor/Distributor of the Year, Monster Entertainment is the company founded by Andrew Fitzpatrick, who was the former chairman of Don Bluth Entertainment.

Gulli, which is a digital French channel that broadcasts kid-centric animation during the day and family films and programs during primetime, was given the Broadcaster of the Year award. The award was accepted by its executive Emmanuelle Baril.

“It’s really nice to be recognized for our passion for European animation,” said Fitzpatrick in receiving the honor. “We love European animation. The most creative projects we see are always European.”

Jam Media received the Producer of the Year award:

“We create our own IP, and we have fun when we do it, which is very important to us,” says co-founder John Rice.

The 23rd edition of Cartoon Forum was held in Toulouse France, with the awardees being decided by votes from the participants.

For more information about Monster Entertainment, you can visit their website at

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