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Monster Entertainment’s I’m A Series Gets New UK and International Sales

Monster Entertainment's I'm A Series Gets New UK and International Sales

Fresh off their successful screening at MIP Junior, Monster Entertainment has managed to strike new deals for their hit I’m A series for various territories, including the UK with I’m a Creepy Crawly and I’m a Dinosaur, via the CSC channel Tiny Pop, while I’m a Monster has been acquired by BBC Alba. The series that started it all, I’m an Animal, is currently under license to Nickelodeon for the UK. In other regions, I’m an Animal has been licensed in South Korea by United Media while Norwegian Airlines have secured more episodes of I’m an Animal, I’m a Creepy Crawly, and I’m a Dinosaur.

Monster Entertainment’s I’m A series has been sold to various broadcasters in over 150 different countries so far, proving to be one of Monster Entertainment’s biggest success to date. The show’s format focuses on creatures introducing themselves and their worlds, allowing children to learn and appreciate various creatures while also having fun. The success of ‘I’m A’ series has also resulted in an I’m a Creepy Crawly app – a fun and educational children’s ipad app on IOS and Android that will be available for download in the near future.

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