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Monsuno Premieres on TV Tokyo

Monsuno Premieres on TV Tokyo

Pacific Animation Partners has recently announced that Monsuno, their new action animated series created as a joint venture with JAKKS Pacific and Dentsu Entertainment USA, will be premiering on Japan’s TV Tokyo in October this year.

“Dentsu is very excited to announce the launch of Monsuno on TV TOKYO this fall,” said Yuma Sakata, President, Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. “Having a USA developed series air on one of the top destinations for animation programming is a great accomplishment and a testament to the global appeal of Monsuno.”

Monsuno is a 52 x 30 show for the boys 6-11 demo that follows the adventures of a bunch of kids who discovered, befriended, and managed to fight alongside creatures with immense destructive potential called Monsuno. The ability to harness the power of the Monsuno is fiercely contested by the kids, who seek to befriend the creatures, and the forces of evil who want to use said powers for their own gain.

Monsuno is set to roll out in as many as 60 countries on Nickelodeon and free to air channels this fall.

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