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Moonscoop Strikes New Asian Deals

moonscoop code lyoko

Paris studio Moonscoop is getting ready to make its presence known to Singapore this December, in time for the Asia Television Forum. The studio’s upcoming venture towards Singapore is riding on the momentum created by a series of successful deals across the Asian region.

Over the course of the summer, Moonscoop managed to sell over 350 half-hours of programming to Thailand via Truevision, and a worldwide deal for their entire catalog via Vietnam’s Viettel.

Moonscoop’s hot properties include seasons 1 and 2 of Coe Lyoko, which was picked up by Astro Celia, and Code Lyoko Evolution, which was picked up by Spacetoon Indonesia. Spacetoon will also be a licensing and merchandizing agent of the brand in Indonesia. All deals in Asia were negotiated by Moonscoop’s EVP of Sales & Consumer Products, Grace Lee, who will represent the company at the ATF market.

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