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Mr. Men and Little Miss on your Nintendo DS

Mr. Men and Little Miss on your Nintendo DS

Cartoon Network’s happy little critters, Mr. Men and Little Miss, will be heading to your Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and the rest of the extended DS family – minus their yet-to-be-born little brother, Nintendo 3DS. However, we’re not talking about a video game! An accessory company named Blaze has created the perfect protector case for your handheld gaming system, completely adorning in a style of the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters. We’d love to see a lot more of these cross overs – maybe a rubbery DS stylus in honor of Adventure time? Or a green DS with a eye mask, ala Ninja Turtles…?? Can you think of any others?

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. Manuela Manuela

    wow this makes me want to play my wii sport.Never liked any of the accessoriesexcept for the sword and shelid for zelda twilight princess and the boxing gloves, but they’re only good to used with wireless nunchucks.

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