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NARR8 Launches Android Port of Their Comics, Novel, and Nonfiction Application App

NARR8 Launches Android Port of  Their Comics, Novel, and Nonfiction Application App

Digital entertainment publisher NARR8 has recently announced the launch of their NARR8 App on Android smartphones and tablets, via the Google Play store. The App is a port of their popular iPad app, which launched on the iOS app store last November 14th, 2012.

The NARR8 base app is completely free, and provides explosive and original multimedia series in the form of dynamic motion comics, with engaging and interactive offerings across a wide swathe of genres. The comics in the app serve as interactive works not unlike pop up books, with scenes coming to life with a tap of the touch screen, featuring special effects, lively animations, and full music soundtracks that perfectly bridge the gap between comic books and animation.

At the moment, NARR8’s internal creative content studios have already released motion comics, interactive novels, and interactive nonfiction articles in such genres as superhero comics, sci-fi, fantasy, video games, and horror, along with popular science and world history — with many more additional series in completely new genres to come.

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“With the launch of NARR8 in November of last year, we saw great success and reception from within the iOS community. Quickly, however, we discovered that many people who did not own an iPadĀ® device were eagerly awaiting our launch on other platforms. And so, we are pleased to join the rapidly growing Android community, and are planning to grow even further in the next few months,” said Alexander Vashchenko, founder of NARR8.

To get more info, and to download the app itself, you can check it out at the Google Play App store:

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