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Natasha Bedingfield Sings The Pirate Fairy Theme, Who I Am

There’s no doubt that Disneytoon Studios’ upcoming CG animated adventure ‘The Pirate Fairy’ is going to be a visual feast, but it turns out that it’s also going to be one heck of an experience for the ears, especially considering that it features award-winning artist Natasha Bedingfield as the inner voice of Zarina through her songs.

“Zarina is a little offbeat and contemporary and these songs showcase her personality so well. We used one of Natasha’s songs, ‘Weightless,’ as a temp track and fell in love with it—so much so, we decided to use it in the final film. We felt Natasha’s voice so perfectly spoke to Zarina’s character, we asked her to also perform our original song ‘Who I Am,’ which was written for ‘The Pirate Fairy,’” says Peggy Holmes, director of “The Pirate Fairy.

“Being part of ‘The Pirate Fairy’ was fantastic, I like pirates and I really love fairies, so I could think of nothing better than working on a song for the movie that brings these things together. It really has everything I love in it,” adds Bedingfield.

You can check out the clip for Who I Am below:

the pirate fairy natasha bedingfield

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