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Nelvana Appoints New Little Charmers Across the Globe

Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana has recently announced the addition of a whole new batch of licensing agents for their Little Charmers brand. The licenses include broadcast, home entertainment, and merchandising partnerships in various parts of the globe.

Licensing representation rights for Australia and New Zealand were snagged by The Fusion Agency, with the regions’ broadcast rights going the way of free to air digital channel Go!, which is operated by Channel Nine. Home Entertainment product rights were awarded to Roadshow Entertainment.

Other agents that have joined the list of Little Charmers include Agosin Licensing in Chile; AMV Licensing in Peru and Bolivia; Big Star across the Caribbean; Exim Argentina (Eximtrading S.A.) in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay; Empire Multimedia Corporation in South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and India; and Arabian Licensing Company in the Middle East and Africa.


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