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Nerds and Monsters Gets New Broadcast Deals

9 Story Entertainment has recently announced that Slap Happy Cartooons’ hit animated comedy series Nerds and Monsters has just signed multiple new deals. The 40 x 11 series has inked new broadcast deals that include TVE (Spain), Canal+ Family (France and Africa), E-Junior (UAE), Noga (Israel) and MBC Kids (Middle East). The show was previously licensed to CiTV (UK) and ABC TV (Australia.) Additionally, the series was recently greenlit for a second season by YTV (Canada.)

For the uninitiated, Nerds and Monsters follows 3 nerdy youngsters and a slow-witted football star as they try to survive on an uncharted island. The castaways have nothing to rely on but their wits as they are relentlessly attacked on all sides by the island’s inhabitants – a tribe of hideous, yet utterly hilarious monsters. Fortunately for our protagonists, the monsters don’t have much in the way of smarts either.

For more details, you can visit Slap Happy Cartoons’ official site at


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