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Nestle to Celebrate Easter 2013 with Jungle Book Chocolate Eggs


Nestle Group has recently acquired the license to Planeta Junior Italy’s hit series Jungle Book in order to produce official Jungle Book Easter 2013 chocolate eggs (150 gr.) The Easter Eggs are part of a larger merchandising and licensing campaign for the series, which will include other products such as apparel, print, and other merchandise due to arrive this year in Italy, Greece, and Cyprus.

The Jungle Book follows the extraordinary adventures of Mowgli and his friends, as they try to grow and learn together while living in the dangerous jungle. The group consists of wise bear Baloo, young and enthusiastic panther Bagheera, Kaa the Python, and Shere Khan the tiger. The series will also introduce new and intriguing characters, including a pack of wolves that served as Mowgli’s adopted brothers.

The series, produced by DQ Entertainment, has been already transmitted with great success on RAI Due and will be back during 2013. Planeta Junior Italia is handling all licensing products categories in Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

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