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Netflix Gets Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse in Spring of 2016

Netflix has added five new original and exclusive shows to its growing kids programming portfolio, including new series featuring Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse.

Inspector Gadget, a new 26-episode CGI-animated series, will premiere on Netflix in the U.S. next month; the show is running on television in Latin America and European countries.  Inspector Gadget, joined by his niece, Penny, and her dog, Brain, will battle Dr. Claw and his global crime syndicate.

The character has spawned a lot of merch over the years, and was the subject of a short-lived comic from Viper a few years back (see “’Inspector Gadget’”).

Danger Mouse, a well-known parody of British spy fiction, will launch in Spring 2016.  Stephen Fry has been cast to voice Colonel K.
 From ICv2

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