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Netflix launches new Pucca: Love Recipe animated series

Streaming giant Netflix added the new CG-animated Pucca: Love Recipe series to its library in a number of international markets, including the Canada and the United States on December 31st. 26 half hour episodes are now available, showcasing the love-struck Pucca and her attempts to woo Garu.

The South Korean romantic comedy has seen its fair share of animation since the character’s debut in 1999. Created by VOOZ, it initially inspired a series of Flash-animated shorts distributed online beginning in January 2000. Then, in 2006, the 2D-animated international co-production Pucca aired around the world. Animated by Studio B (now known as WildBrain Studios Vancouver), the show ran for 39 half hours.

The newest series was created to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. In its native South Korea, the show debuted on the MBC network and Tooniverse in December 2018. Produced by CJ E&M and animated by their subsidiary Studio Bazooka, the new show is distributed internationally by Planeta Junior.

Despite promoting the CG-episodes as a continuation of the earlier Canadian-animated series, the new show features an entirely different voice cast.

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