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Netflix Will Still Carry Disney Content in LATAM, Spain

A few days ago, news came out that Disney will be launching their own SVOD service, and as a consequence, will be pulling their content out of Netflix. However, new reports have surfaced revealing that some regions, such as Latin America and Spain, will still be able to enjoy Disney content through Netflix, at least for the moment (this is most likely just the result of Netflix and Disney’s license agreement still in effect in said regions.)

“Netflix’s subscribers in the US will have access to Disney’s films until the end of 2019, including all the new films set to premiere until 2018,” stated Netflix. “Outside the US, our agreement with Disney remains the same.”

As a result of this, Netflix subscribers in the affected (or to be more accurate, unaffected) regions will still have access to Disney-owned content such as Pixar, Star Wars, and many Marvel franchises.

By Neil Raymundo

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