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Network Ten Acquires Matt Hatter Chronicles

Network Ten Acquires Matt Hatter Chronicles

Australia’s Network Ten has recently acquired the boy-targeted, CG animated HD adventure/comedy series Matt Hatter Chronicles for its digital free-to-air channel, Eleven. Matt Hatter will be debuting in 2013 as part of the network’s Toasted TV.

The Matt Hatter Chronicles TV Series (26×30) has animation produced by Canadian studio Arc Productions, and is produced by the UK-based Platinum Films along with Toronto’s Dream Mill. The story focuses on the titular boy, who was living a mundane life until he stumbled upon the Hatter family secret: they are defenders of a gateway to a different dimension called the Multiverse. In order to save our world and the Multiverse, Matt must fight and capture infamous villains from Myth, Movie, and Legend.

Platinum Films debuted the franchise’s official website last month,, and the studio is now working with Eleven in order todevelop online activity, innovateive, and interactive digital content as well as social media campaigns in support of the series. Matt Hatter Chronicles premiered on Teletoon Canada (in English and French) in September 2012, also airing in the UK on Nicktoons and ITV. The series has been sold to Nickelodeon (Australia and New Zealand), RTE (Ireland), SABC (South Africa) and JCC (Middle East region).

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