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New Dogtanian film enters production

A CG-animated movie based on Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds has now entered into production. After having been in development for a number of years, all systems are go at Apolo Films in Navarre, Spain.

Directed by Toni García, who previously worked on projects like Bernard and Papawa for BRB Internacional, the film is set for a 75-minute run-time that’ll bring Dogtanian, Juliette, Pip and the Muskehounds to a new generation.

Dogtanian is an impetuous and innocent town boy who goes to Paris to make his dream comes true: to join the body of Muskehounds of his Majesty. A swashbuckling adventure full of friendship, honor, justice, action and, above all, a lot of comedy: One for all and all for one!

The film is written by Douglas Langdale (The Adventures of Puss in Boots, The Book of Life) and has Paco Sáez on storyboard duty. Dogtanian creator Claudio Biern Boyd is heavily involved.

Apolo Films is co-producing the new movie with China’s Mili Pictures. It’s set to be distributed in Spain by Universal Pictures.

A Spain-Japan co-production between BRB Internacional and Nippon Animation, the original Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds 26-episode television series debuted in 1981. Continuing to draw inspiration from Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, it was followed up by The Return of Dogtanian in 1989.

To celebrate the franchise’s 30th Anniversary, BRB Internacional originally announced the film adaptation in 2012, with a release then set for 2014.

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