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New Jump Force Teaser Focuses on Death Note

One of the more interesting parts of the initial reveal videos for Bandai Namco’s crossover fighter, Jump Force, is the appearance of two main characters from Death Note – Light and Ryuk. It’s interesting because both characters don’t really lend themselves well to a fighting game full of your standard fare shonen protagonists. But it turns out there’s no surprise here – producer Koji Nakajima has gone on record to state that the Death Note characters are not playable, but only meant to “weave the story together.”

NPC status aside, it’s still exciting that Ryuk and Light will be included in the game, and that they will apparently have a big part to play as catalysts for the story. To hammer home the point, Bandai Namco has released a new teaser clip titled “Let there be Light??” which is a title that is pretty much self-explanatory given the context. You can watch it below:

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