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New The King of Fighters XIV Trailer Shows off Nightmare Geese

Now that Atlus has opened the proverbial gates for the digital preorders of The King of Fighters XIV on PSN, they have also released a brand new trailer that promotes one of the bonuses that you’ll get if you trust them enough to preorder: the Nightmare Geese and Classic Kyo DLC costumes.

Now, Geese Howard is already an intimidating character that the “Nightmare” in his name becomes redundant, but in terms of visuals you do get a Geese Howard that will keep kids awake at night (although wouldn’t “Zombie Geese” be more apt?) You can check out the trailer below:

If that got you excited, you need to distract yourself for a while because The King of Fighters XIV won’t be coming out for the North American market until August 23. That’s more than a month away, which is practically forever for us attention-stunted fighting game aficionados.


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