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New Pixar Short Film: Lou

People who took the time to watch Cars 3 in theater may have been treated to one of the best installments in the Cars franchise, but they also received a bonus – a new short film from Pixar titled “Lou.” The short has been garnering praise from viewers recently for its anti-bullying message, and of course there’s the fact that it was done by Pixar, so you won’t expect anything less than gorgeous, colorful visuals and strangely affecting characters.

Without giving too much away, Lou focuses on a “Lost and Found” monster who bares witness to kids being bullied in the playground, and so takes it upon himself to teach this bully a lesson. The lesson involves a playground chase that is wholly entertaining and funny, before moving to a heartrending conclusion that one has to see to believe.

You can check out the teaser below:

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New Pixar Short Film: Lou

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