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Nickelodeon Greenlights Bunsen is a Beast

Nickelodeon has recently greenlighted a new animated comedy series from Butch Hartman titled Bunsen is a Beast. The series will consist of 20 episodes and Hartman himself will serve as executive producer. According to the announcement, the show will follow the adventures of the titular beast, which is the first ever of his kind to attend a human grade school.

“Butch Hartman has been making kids laugh for decades by creating some of the most memorable characters and comedy situations that have stood the test of time,” said Hicks. “The greenlight of Bunsen is a Beast! plus the pickup of more episodes of The Fairly OddParents extends our relationship with Butch to reach almost 20 years. We look forward to another terrific run from Butch who creates funny and relatable content like no other.”

Said Hartman: “I’ve always wanted to create a show like Bunsen because a monster as a main character is the perfect opportunity for endless creative opportunities and absolutely no rules. I think kids are going to really relate to the range of emotions and adventures that Bunsen experiences at his new school and how his friendship with Mikey develops.”

On the subject of Hartman, Nick also picked up seven additional episodes of the Emmy Award-winning toon The Fairly Oddparents, which will return in January 15, 2016 for its 10th season.


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