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Nintendo 3DS Giveaway, get yours free!

Nintendo 3DS Giveaway, get yours free

UPDATE: We had SO many entries in our first Nintendo 3DS Giveaway that it broke our system!! This time, we’re back and better than ever with even MORE Nintendo 3DS handhelds, and we to give them to YOU. Read on to find out how!! “But wait,” you said. “I already signed up in this contest!” Well, that could be true. Over 300 of you signed up for the first contest. Don’t worry, we didn’t lose any information. If you entered on the old page, you’re already in – but read on to find out how to increase your chances! However, if you haven’t yet entered for a chance to win a FREE Nintendo 3DS on any ToonBarn page, then continue reading to find out how you can get in on the giveaway!

Complete ALL FOUR steps:

1) Have a account (free to sign up! JOIN NOW)
2) Leave a comment below with your favorite cartoon
3) “Like” our ToonBarn Facebook page
4) Hit the “Like” button on this page

If you’ve already registered on the other page, you can still increase your chances of winning by LIKING this page — because now, we’re doubling the prizes!! For every ONE HUNDRED (100) people that “LIKE” this page, we’ll randomly select TWO Grand Prize Winners to receive a FREE Black Nintendo 3DS (North American region). We’ll randomly select two more winners at 200 LIKEs, again at 300, and so on. Each entry carries over to the next 3DS giveaway, and all winners will be contacted directly via private message, so you only need to enter once. Visit ToonBarn’s Message Board for updates and other giveaways!

(here’s the original entries – if you see your name there, you don’t have to sign up here)

ToonBarn Rob

um… the ToonBarn guy, of course! but you can call me Rob
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  1. Kevin E Kevin E

    My favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo!

  2. Alex Maignan-Thompson Alex Maignan-Thompson

    My favorite Cartoon is Yu-Gi-Oh

  3. schomakers schomakers

    My most favorite cartoon in the world is pokemon!!

  4. Michael M Michael M

    My favorite cartoon is Shaman King. :D.
    Facebook name: Michael M
    Toonbarn name: CinnabarCrux

  5. ldh512 ldh512

    My favorite cartoon is Phineas and Ferb

  6. zanderwolf zanderwolf

    Pokemon is awesome!

  7. FuriBaco13 FuriBaco13

    My favorite Cartoon is Avatar: The Last Airbender

  8. CanasianPenguin CanasianPenguin

    My favourite cartoon is ADVENTURE TIME 😀

  9. gregwarrior1 gregwarrior1

    my favorite cartoon is dragonball gt

  10. Nickismyname Nickismyname

    Mine is POKEMON

  11. kms81 kms81

    My favourite comic is definetly Pokemon! 🙂

  12. madzie madzie

    Can i say cartoons….cause i love them alot. My fav cartoon has to be ben 10. otherwise, i love spongebob,grim adventures of billy and mandy, kick buttowski. they’re so cool.

  13. summermommy34 summermommy34

    My Favorite Cartoon Tom and Jerry

  14. Shineon Shineon

    My Favorite Cartoon is Pokemon Black & White, thats my ultimate show.


    my favorite cartoon is ben10

  16. My favorite is Batman the series all of them 🙂

  17. valerie valerie

    My favorite cartoon is definitely scoop doo

  18. Jedi Master 501 Jedi Master 501

    My favorite cartoon is Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

  19. jaden jaden

    i love toonbarn and i wish i worked at toonbarn

  20. jaden jaden

    my favourite cartoons are
    ben 10
    generator rex
    pheanis and ferb

  21. aerialkabuki aerialkabuki

    My favorite cartoon is full metal alchemist

  22. lp2013 lp2013


  23. Camy456 Camy456

    My Favorite would have to be SpongeBob Squarepants! I have been a fan of SpongeBob since 2004 I think

  24. dominicporres dominicporres

    My favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo!

  25. dominicporres dominicporres

    My favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo!
    my fav cartoon is scooby doo!!!!!!!

  26. purplegirl purplegirl


  27. ismael101 ismael101

    My favorite cartoon is ben 10

  28. fire mario fire mario

    i like billy and mandy

  29. JohnAllenber JohnAllenber

    my favorite cartoon is Tom And Jerry

  30. darkdevil2011 darkdevil2011

    my favorite cartoon is ben ten

  31. viliboi104 viliboi104


  32. wolfman847 wolfman847

    Genarator Rex

  33. Joe Joe

    I’m a pretty big video game player, and I’ve owned most systems to come out of the gate; so I’m speaking from a bit of experience. Unfortunately, the Nintendo 3DS was a good product with substantial flaws and a lackluster launch. I’m going to keep this short but to the point.


    -3D effect is quite good, and very clear
    -Screens are very…

  34. tmntlover02 tmntlover02

    my favorite cartoon is Teenage mutant ninja turtles

  35. khyler khyler

    I heard there was gonna be a new luigis mansion 2 game coming

  36. superpikachu12 superpikachu12

    My favorite cartoon would be Pokemon

  37. jamesy11119 jamesy11119

    My fav cartoon is pokemon black and white

  38. bluefury5314 bluefury5314

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon!!!!!

  39. na7omi na7omi

    My Favorite Cartoon in the Whole World is…. Courage The Cowardly Dog!!
    i love it!!

  40. 106rar 106rar

    My favourite cartoon is Futurama. It has so much comedy that everyone can relate too.

  41. kabuto kabuto

    my most favorate cartoon in the world is pokemon black and white, i mean its been around than most shows u see every day ya kno.

  42. ladypikachu ladypikachu

    My favorite cartoon is: Pokemon. <3

  43. Lyn Lyn

    My favorite cartoon would be POKEMON! Gotta catch em all! Pokemon! ;P

  44. جواد البريجي جواد البريجي


  45. nadine dunphy nadine dunphy

    I like scooby doo

  46. nadine dunphy nadine dunphy

    my cartoon is scooby doo and alvin and the chipmunks

  47. aahad aahad

    my favorite cartoon is ben 10 ultimate alien

  48. trouble trouble

    my fav cartoon is scooby doo and alvin and the chipmunks. I would love to win a nintendo 3ds.

  49. chris presleigh chris presleigh

    i love mario and luigi and pokemon

  50. Electimortar55 Electimortar55

    pokemon and bleach

  51. SoulSeeka SoulSeeka

    simpsons kickbuttowski

  52. gosutu gosutu

    Ichigo from bleach.

  53. roxas1403 roxas1403

    Totally Spies and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  54. Pokemon, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, and too many to pick

  55. blackwing75 blackwing75

    Voltron Force, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Ghost in the Shell: 2nd GIG, Thundercats and Durarara!!!

  56. Bobdweller Bobdweller

    Dragonball and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 🙂 And a lot more, of course, but these two definitely stand out from the rest.

  57. Emmanuel Vergez Emmanuel Vergez

    SpongeBob Squarepants

  58. DimnessFallen DimnessFallen


  59. monkeyzrul77 monkeyzrul77

    My favorite cartoon is Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.

  60. adbeuge adbeuge


  61. fusionbolt123 fusionbolt123

    Pokemon… ♥♥♥

  62. LastProRican LastProRican

    Nothing beats Adventure Time! well.. theres Ed Edd & Eddy!

  63. Christian michel Christian michel

    My hands down favorite anime/ cartoon is digimon. I cry after every season… THE BEST show ever!!

  64. Chrisman64 Chrisman64

    My hands down favorite anime/ cartoon is digimon. I cry after every season… THE BEST show ever!!

  65. I like dragonball,phineas and ferb,ben 10, kickbuttowski,simpson.

  66. Yugioh GX

    Yugioh 5D’s

    Yugioh Zexal

    Beyblade V-Force/Original Beyblade.

  67. qkingboyd qkingboyd

    I Have a hundred shows i like but the ones i would say is Ed Edd n Eddy, for it’s old classic fun and scams. My second is Scooby Doo it was a old school cartoon many generations of Scooby Doo’s where made over our time. My third is Sponge Bob it was also 1 of my little kid childhood cartoons, he goes on adventures he’s funny, he is a great influence and a lot more.My Finale is the old Ben 10. He had extremeness in his life, he turned into all these unremarkable aliens i never even thought of before, and he always one the battle, even if he is a little goofy.

  68. dayanarazapata24 dayanarazapata24

    Pokemon! Totally MY fav. cartoon!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Grovyle Grovyle

    I like Adventure time

  70. Grovyle Grovyle

    I like Adventure time With Finn And Jake!!!!!XD

  71. cristian77 cristian77

    oi gente preciso mtooo de um ds meu pai queria me dar um mas num tem dim dim os meus jogos sao:transformes,carros 2 e pokemon platinium

  72. benvaleed147 benvaleed147

    Ben 10 all of the series. Please pick me to win the 3DS

  73. wasimhhh1 wasimhhh1

    my favourite cartoon is generator rex

  74. aluxray11 aluxray11


  75. Zarbys-Girl Zarbys-Girl

    my fave caracter is domo

  76. rizkyusuf rizkyusuf

    pokemon and spongebob

  77. beastmodeoff beastmodeoff

    my favorite character is Domo!

  78. Digo900 Digo900


  79. jd_chilly92 jd_chilly92

    My all time favorite cartoon is pokemon and always will be pokemon! OH YEAH!!

  80. DarkVizier DarkVizier

    All time favourite POKEMON!!!! and im 20 😀

  81. kodman102 kodman102

    my favorite is mickey mouse

  82. the-kyyubi the-kyyubi

    My favorite cartoon of all time is Adventure Time.
    Or the Sonic the Hedgehog SAT AM Series.

  83. Tugi Tugi

    I love ben 10 ultimate alien

  84. nas striker nas striker

    my favorite cartoon is pokemon black and white rival destinies, ben 10 ultimate alien, i love bey blade metal masters, green lanter animated series, lab rats, dragon ball GT, monsuno, power rangers samurai,
    and jessie

  85. nas striker nas striker

    i ment my favorite shows and cartoons

  86. MrBowserjr MrBowserjr


  87. cartoonfan cartoonfan

    My favorite cartoon is pokemon all versions and phineas and ferb.

  88. robot9t9 robot9t9

    phineas and ferb is my fav

  89. ariyon ariyon

    i love ben 10 destroy all aliens

  90. nas striker nas striker

    is this contest over?

  91. nas striker nas striker

    on is this contest over?

  92. lesly lesly

    adventure time’s rock!!!!!!!

  93. nas striker nas striker

    i said is this contest over!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????/

  94. bravosk8erboy bravosk8erboy

    .Hack//sign (Japanese with English subtitles…. lots of little extra parts)
    Adventure time is quickly becoming number 1

  95. ejjohn75 ejjohn75

    i like pokemon and yugioh

  96. amgidbalen amgidbalen

    nothing beats tom & jerry

  97. lavalord2012 lavalord2012

    my faverit is defitnetly monsuno on nick toons just came out i love monsuno i have like 20 trading cards and 2 monsuno

  98. Cyberwolf Cyberwolf

    Mine is Green Lantern



  100. FlyingPikachu196 FlyingPikachu196

    Pokemon! ^.^

  101. phenli phenli

    When I was younger, Courage the Cowardly Dog! At the moment, Legend of Korra. 😉

  102. silentninja17 silentninja17

    phineas and ferb! 🙂

  103. Captain Captain

    Pokemon, Bakugan, Beyblade, B-Daman are in my top 4 favorites

  104. karl karl

    adventure time is my best cartoon

  105. Eman1183 Eman1183

    Probably Avatar the Last Airbender

  106. djv135 djv135

    adventure time, naruto, total drama island, and 6teen

  107. rasper.antonio rasper.antonio

    Pokemon, Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants & now, Legends of Korra.

  108. fellmc2 fellmc2

    Nothing beats old school Spongebob!

  109. adesanya tobi james adesanya tobi james

    I like ben 10 alien force, it’s cool

  110. lswrds60 lswrds60

    i particularly like ben 10 ultimate alien

  111. kingchino kingchino

    My favorite cartoon, currently, is Young Justice. Great story, great characters, great animation, and great character design.

  112. jeraldinetan jeraldinetan

    Adventure Time 😀

  113. kosi30 kosi30

    Yu gi oh

  114. LittleGrejmer LittleGrejmer

    My favourite cartoon is PoKeMoN

  115. LittleGrejmer LittleGrejmer

    and The Simpsons

  116. taxicam taxicam

    pokemon and bakugan

  117. audiobrainiac audiobrainiac


  118. CartoonKing4 CartoonKing4

    ed edd n eddy

  119. TASP TASP


  120. fryzixt fryzixt

    fairly odd parents are my best opinions

  121. Ed_Toshiba Ed_Toshiba

    Totally Pokemon ^~^

  122. Charlene Charlene


  123. starburst1136 starburst1136

    I think it should be regular show

  124. caleb caleb

    Pokemon always pokemon

  125. cb704 cb704

    pokemon :]

  126. Juli Guthrie Juli Guthrie

    I don’t know if this is still open, but I’ve done the above steps, signed up for ToonBarn user name julig. Like the FB and the post. And my favorite cartoon character would have to be Isabella from Phineas and Ferb. Thanks!

  127. jordan jordan

    please give me a 3ds my mom won’t give me one;(so then every day keep finding 3ds give always but i lose so please let me have one:)i keep begging my mom for one but she says there to expensive help me get one (please)

  128. jordan jordan

    i did every thing that you told me to do but hopefully i get a 3ds:)

  129. jordan jordan

    i liked you on Facebook and on this site i posted 3 comments and i signed in please give me one i have been begging one since 2009-2012

  130. jordan jordan

    I love every show -but Kirby was on cw4kidsToonzai but now they took him off bring him back on July the 3 and give me any color of the 3ds except pink

  131. jordan jordan

    my best show is DomoKun

  132. jordan jordan

    also put him on nickalodean

  133. jordan jordan

    Beyblade,Pokemon,Domokun,Spongebob,Phineas and Ferb mad and kick buttowski are my favorite shows

  134. delapoop delapoop

    I’ll have to go with Family Guy. I know almost all the episodes!

  135. brightlazer brightlazer

    all of the ben 10 series such as ben 10 love ben 10 alien force awesome ben 10 ultimate alien ultimate coolness and the new series that is coming out that i hope and am loving ben 10: omniverse because it’s like a huge omniverse (universe) of all the ben 10 series sweet 🙂

  136. DacaDacko97 DacaDacko97

    Code Lyoko

  137. TwilightRose12 TwilightRose12

    I Love Phineas & Ferb!

  138. jose.m jose.m

    piease i want i nitendo 3ds because i don have anything to piay and some of my friends don want to trade nitendo 3ds with me

  139. aderemer36 aderemer36

    What time is it?? Adventure Time!!:-)

  140. Slenderman Slenderman

    Favorite cartoon, mm? Hmmmm, I’d have to say my top (both tied for first) are:

    -South Park

    Yup! 🙂

  141. sethsquishy sethsquishy

    i love spongebob because has so many adventurers ahead

  142. Gunmaster15TheWolf Gunmaster15TheWolf

    My Favorite Cartoon Ever Is Shaman King. I LOVE IT!

  143. xxchuckyxx29 xxchuckyxx29

    My favorite catoon is jake the dof from aventure time

  144. cooldude100 cooldude100

    Regular Show

  145. cooldude100 cooldude100

    Regular Show is the best Cartoon!!!!!! EVAR!!!!!!!

  146. cobraxstar cobraxstar


  147. cobraxstar cobraxstar

    kick buttowski best EVA!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. bodine bodine

    Scooby Doo

  149. dsleonard dsleonard

    Scooby Doo

  150. dleonard dleonard

    Sponge Bob

  151. supernatendo64 supernatendo64

    My favorite cartoon would be… Gravity falls

  152. Natsu313 Natsu313

    If its a cartoon… I would have to say Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  153. vulpix098 vulpix098

    courage the cowardly dog

  154. anjiee anjiee

    spongebob squarepants

  155. hari2003 hari2003


  156. jm jm

    can ay have one im from philipines

  157. Protokid000 Protokid000

    Adventure Time! 😀

  158. goop89 goop89

    ben 10 ultimate alien

  159. gam1113 gam1113

    Adventure time

  160. lunarum lunarum

    Tom and Jerry FTW.

  161. tatergodling80 tatergodling80

    My favorite would be fairy oddparents.

  162. CarlyAriston18 CarlyAriston18

    avatar the last airbender

  163. blackraven009 blackraven009

    Avatar the last airbender

  164. megohea megohea

    Adventure time for the funs and adorableness.

  165. XxFierceWindzxX XxFierceWindzxX

    My favorite cartoon would have to be Naruto (if you accept animes).

  166. deathgod3 deathgod3

    My favorite cartoon is Avatar: The Last Airbender

  167. Tanniboo Tanniboo

    The simpsons!!!! HAS TO BE THEM!!

  168. dan dan

    adventure time

  169. kismettle kismettle

    My favorite cartoon is definitely Adventure Time–love the silly humor and animation quality. Simple and sweet.

  170. NeNex1 NeNex1

    my favorite cartoon is regular show

  171. sammy382 sammy382

    my fav cartoon is legend of kora

  172. shamima shamima

    my favourite cartton character is from winx club bloom

  173. phantomfinn phantomfinn

    Rocko’s Modern Life!!!

  174. harrysnunn harrysnunn

    i love the……………. the looney tunes show its so cool

  175. prettya14 prettya14

    My favorite cartoon is young justice

  176. prettya14 prettya14

    I love love love the winx

  177. Harpreet Harpreet

    my favorite show is pokemon and i need the 3ds to use the ar shooter

  178. bulit12 bulit12

    i like batman

  179. EclipseWolf19 EclipseWolf19

    Adventure Time is my favorite!

  180. kojiv kojiv

    Hello I love Adventure Time its my favorite cartoon!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity for a chance to win a nintendo 3ds! Hope I am a winner! Always wanted one since it first came out but haven’t had the money for it due to college.

  181. Ctnumber Ctnumber

    I love Adventure Time

  182. alexanderdlcruz alexanderdlcruz

    I completed everything

  183. Adi Adi


  184. mangirdas9 mangirdas9

    Adventure time is my favourite show. I really need a 3DS…

  185. mangirdas9 mangirdas9

    Oh and the reason i need a 3DS is for my little sisters birthday. She wants it very much.

  186. pokemonmaster8 pokemonmaster8

    my fav cartoon is fox

  187. Jamesblood Jamesblood

    My favorite cartoon is pokemon cause it is so fun seeing those pokemon and those moves are so cool and some are so cute.

  188. Jamesblood Jamesblood

    my favorite cartoon is pokemon cause they are so cool

  189. 700quincy 700quincy

    adventure time

  190. LeaChaos LeaChaos

    I’d have to say my favorite is Pokemon.
    I loved watching it as a kid and I still do to this day.

  191. sunny sunny

    my favorite cartoon is spongebob it’s very funny.

  192. Justinian35 Justinian35

    My favorite cartoon is Yu-Gi-Oh. I used to love seeing him duel every Saturday morning as a kid. xD I used to wake up early Saturday for it.

  193. bibi1022 bibi1022

    My favorite show of all time have to be Pokemon :D, i love it and it will forever be my favorite show <3

  194. blackwing75 blackwing75

    Can’t wait for new POKEMON Black/White ver. 2 coming out next month Oct.7. I already order Black ver. 2 :D…..

    I hope I can win this AWESOME Nintendo 3DS so I can play new pokemon game with it and Kingdom Hearts : Dream Drop Distance.

  195. rianscales rianscales

    i LOVE adventure time and domo

  196. Tinker1054 Tinker1054

    i love regular show and
    adventure time

  197. umbo umbo

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

  198. Evan gerrard madikol Evan gerrard madikol

    My favorite cartoon is Dragon ball.

  199. sibortech sibortech

    i love adventure time

  200. Natalie L. Natalie L.

    Adventure time is so funny.

  201. niarivers niarivers

    my favorite cartoon is spongebob.

  202. jiadong jiadong

    i dont have facebook but i really want 1

  203. influence21 influence21

    I love ben ten its one of my favorite shows its sweet awesome

  204. Evan gerrard madikol Evan gerrard madikol

    My vavourite cartoon are motorcity . His car is very cool and nice

  205. zapzap2 zapzap2

    favorite: finn from adventure time

  206. ShempLabs ShempLabs

    My favorite episodes are when Scooby Doo met Batman & Robin. I’m pretty pumped about the Filmation “Super Heroes” set I just picked up too.

  207. Bones Bones

    Johnny Bravo (gotta love the dance)

  208. dumdiddy3 dumdiddy3

    my favorite cartoon is Courage The Cowardly Dog and Ben 10. it’s awesome.

  209. Starfan503 Starfan503

    Spongebob Squarepants Classic!

  210. monkeyluvr25 monkeyluvr25

    This is a nice sweepstakes! I never win anything but it doesn’t hurt to try! So what time is it?! ADVENTURE TIME!

  211. My favorite cartoon is Phineas and Ferb 🙂

  212. hossam hossam

    i love ben10 all seasons very much and adventure time and Phineas and Ferb Courage The Cowardly Dog

  213. tyroneblue11 tyroneblue11

    i like pokemon star wars and beyblade.

  214. Twigmen Twigmen

    My favorite cartoon is yu-gi-oh. Its my all time fav.

  215. Maddi12 Maddi12

    Its aventure time

  216. carlyariston18Irene carlyariston18Irene

    the regular show!!!

  217. skippyrip skippyrip

    Ed, Edd, n Eddy <3

  218. Arnold Lopez Arnold Lopez

    My favorite cartoons are Dreamworks Dragons and Spongebob Squarepants

  219. Arnold Lopez Arnold Lopez

    And Ed, Edd, and Eddy and Aventure Time and all of the other shows.

  220. DragonDon1994 DragonDon1994

    for Disney: Lilo and Stitch for Cartoon Network: Pokemon For Nick: Fairly OddParents

  221. DisneyForeverLover1993 DisneyForeverLover1993

    Loony Toons

  222. Blondeness perfect Blondeness perfect

    The Little Mermaid

  223. Rodneys Heart Rodneys Heart

    Jimmy Neutron

  224. Kingdom kreepers Kingdom kreepers

    Digimon Frontier


    Winnie the pooh

  226. BBB BBB

    The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

  227. Freeg Freeg

    Regular Show

  228. mjw2012 mjw2012


  229. mjw2012 mjw2012

    bUGS Bunny

  230. deadzone991 deadzone991

    i am winning

  231. Wolfscout12 Wolfscout12

    best cartoon has to be pokemon, it been going for like 20 years

  232. amm1999 amm1999


  233. VaDu07 VaDu07

    Fave Cartoon: Family Guy
    Fave Anime: Rurouni Kenshin

  234. aluxray11 aluxray11

    pokemon ofcourse

  235. MEEMEE007 MEEMEE007

    Fairly odd parents/Gumball adventures

  236. gerard gerard

    Ultimate Spider-Man

  237. sayla sayla


  238. michaeljackson30 michaeljackson30

    Regular Show

  239. nir2020 nir2020


  240. Yoshiblox Yoshiblox

    My favorite cartoon is Regular Show.

  241. kahiam kahiam

    my favourite cartoon is Pokemon

  242. Neil Neil


  243. pikapal123 pikapal123

    i love pokemon!

  244. xeni34 xeni34

    mario bros

  245. jsreed5 jsreed5

    Moar Regular Show love. 😛

  246. haro991 haro991

    my favorite is spongebob!

  247. christianmoon christianmoon

    Young justice is the fav

  248. pento6 pento6

    My favorite is Pokemon!

  249. comicmast comicmast

    Adventure time!

  250. mrpopit1000 mrpopit1000

    I just signed up and my favorite cartoon is rugrats tommy and chuckie

  251. ema ema

    My favourite cartoon is Pokémon!

  252. summersidewalk summersidewalk

    Adventure time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. summersidewalk summersidewalk

    beyblade metal fury:)

  254. MurakiChiyo MurakiChiyo

    My favorite cartoon is The Boondocks!!! But if that doesn’t count because it’s not in your database then I would choose Kung Fu Panda!!!

  255. jamil54321 jamil54321

    I like SPONGEBOB!!!!!!

  256. cubeware cubeware

    Currently, my favorite show is Regular Show

  257. gotcartoons gotcartoons

    My favorite cartoon is Adventure Time

  258. distancekid distancekid

    my favorite cartoon is pokemon! (the battle frontier arc to be specific)

  259. james.c james.c


  260. EarthBoundGiygas EarthBoundGiygas

    I love Naruto, It’s always been one of my favorites shows.

  261. Kalynn Sykes Kalynn Sykes

    I love Winnie The Pooh

  262. tom & jerry & huckleberry hound are the best ever

  263. utopiaveiss utopiaveiss

    Yugioh is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  264. i am obsessed with pocket monsters

  265. Neferet71 Neferet71

    I love Winx Club and Pokemon ^_^

  266. FearReaperGT FearReaperGT

    naruto is my favourite cartoon

  267. aaronthunder7 aaronthunder7

    I love ben10 & pokemon

  268. Jose Briceno Jose Briceno

    I love pokemon

  269. Azamus Azamus

    armored troopers votoms

  270. Chris Chris

    I just love CHAOTIC season 3 wish there were more!!!!!!

  271. Miriah Miriah

    My favorite cartoon is The Looney Tunes Show!

  272. miriah miriah

    This Website is Awesome!!!

  273. chuckt123 chuckt123

    my fav cartoon is adventure time i love the mushroom war theory

  274. naruto19 naruto19

    Narutoooooo <3 🙂

  275. Reshiram1583 Reshiram1583


  276. ari ari

    my favourite cartoon is Kung Fu Panda

  277. dhcman5454 dhcman5454

    Ben 10

  278. con con

    my fav carecter is kung fu panda

  279. Jenny Jenny

    I love pokemon

  280. Shawna Shawna

    My favourite cartoon is Pokémon 🙂

  281. ravemercer ravemercer

    courage the cowardly dog 🙂

  282. TailorPrincess TailorPrincess

    Hi, I’m Tailor Princess Taylor and my favorite cartoon in Adventure Time.

  283. Ryan Dillingham Ryan Dillingham

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon!

  284. risikatepes risikatepes

    my favorite is Pokemon ^___^

  285. PashiePaint PashiePaint

    My most favorite cartoon show is My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic from The Hub. My 2nd favorite cartoon is Kick Buttowski from Disney XD. My 3rd favorite cartoon is Adventure Time from Cartoon Network.

  286. Laura Barden Laura Barden

    My favorite cartoon is KUng fu panda and sponge bob

  287. javirp31 javirp31

    My favorite cartoons were the original Teen Titans!!

  288. austieb7 austieb7

    Nothing beats Regular Show!

  289. DontJudgeMyADD DontJudgeMyADD

    My Favorite cartoon (as a kid) was Tiny toons. As an adult, Berserk I think. Thanks for the chance! my FB is Al Parker if you cross-reference, cheers!

  290. Desotelv22 Desotelv22

    My favorite cartoon (or more specific anime) is Full Metal Alchemist.

  291. Christiana1 Christiana1

    Pokémon DP adventures

  292. xfungusx xfungusx

    My favorite cartoon is Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

  293. disturbedRiot disturbedRiot

    Tie between Pokemon and the older, short lived Legend of Zelda cartoon

  294. baconcrispy baconcrispy

    My favorite cartoon is Avatar the Last Airbender! 😀

  295. starysky starysky

    My favorite cartoon is fairly odd parents

  296. andyprue andyprue

    My favourtie cartoon is One Piece 🙂

  297. AlbertWesker458 AlbertWesker458

    Favorite cartoon, well I would have to go back to the ole’ Courage the Cowardly Dog, or Ed, Edd, and Eddy, or perhaps Pokemon.

  298. Andrew Wilcox Andrew Wilcox

    My favorite cartoon would be hands down Pokemon.

  299. kxiong kxiong

    My favorite cartoon is Spongebob Squarepants.

  300. Lizmet Lizmet

    favorite cartoon is kids next door!

  301. badboyz71 badboyz71

    Pokemon hands down

  302. zion zion

    johnny test is my best

  303. Erik Erik

    Cartoon: Foster’s home for imaginary Friends.

  304. ReNell ReNell

    Avatar, The Avengers: EMH, Dragon Ball franchise, Fairly OddParents, TMNT, Jimmy Neutron, Kung Fu Panda, Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, Madagascar, Muppets, Pokémon, Rugrats, Scooby-Doo, Shrek, Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sonic, SpongeBob, Toy Story, Transformers, Spider-Man (1967, 1981, 1983, 1994, 2008) X-Men (1989, 1992-1997, Evolution, 2009) and many other DC/Marvel shows, including the DC Animated Universe

  305. tangy870 tangy870

    I love watching Adventure Time the shows funny and I love all the characters on it, but my favorite character is Gunther the penguin <(")

  306. ReNell ReNell

    My OTHER favorite cartoons/anime are Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Digimon, Kaijudo, Super Mario, Gatchaman, Beyblade (though I no longer watch Cartoon Network after the DC Nation debacle), Voltron, Slugterra, Max Steel, Monsters vs. Aliens, Pinky & the Brain, CatDog, Hey Arnold!, Back at the Barnyard, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Rugrats, Danny Phantom, The Penguins of Madagascar, Popeye, MGM, Garfield & Friends, Jackie Chan Adventures, Men in Black, Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Street Sharks, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, G.I. Joe, and I’m also making my own cartoons as well; the first 2 are on YouTube (just type in Re’Nell)

  307. ReNell ReNell

    Or just type in Cargh2NZ! and/or Manic Compositions to see my cartoons.

  308. John S. John S.

    King of the Hill

  309. Lmcer Lmcer


  310. throwitlong throwitlong

    My favorite cartoon is Ash Ketcham!

  311. Edh123 Edh123

    My favorite cartoon is Sonic! he is awesome!

  312. KatieDid KatieDid

    My favorite cartoon is…. SONIC X!! He’s the Fastest thing ALIVE!! Who doesn’t love that show!!??

  313. mariofan15 mariofan15

    i like adventures of sonic the hedgehog

  314. fogbreath fogbreath

    i love ed edd n eddy :3

  315. EternalAshley EternalAshley

    My Favorite cartoon is Ben 10!

  316. Memorzum Memorzum

    My fave Is DB DBZ and DBGT

  317. dapurpleplayer dapurpleplayer

    one piece and dragon ball

  318. loveangel loveangel

    My cartoon is pokemon.

  319. dishonored dishonored

    Regular show!!!

  320. DBlankeh DBlankeh

    Pokemon hands down!

  321. PanicAtTheDitto PanicAtTheDitto


  322. jayflow99 jayflow99


  323. steveDtrooper123 steveDtrooper123


  324. MandaPanda MandaPanda

    My Favorite Cartoon is Pokemon!!!

  325. ericalliope ericalliope


  326. Ushio Ushio

    Original Yu-Gi-Oh! series and Pokemon.

  327. Adam Adam

    My favorite cartoon is pokemon

  328. Grimm420 Grimm420

    my favorite currently airing is probably ben 10 and adventure time.

  329. MelissaINov MelissaINov

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon! 🙂

  330. matanui2001 matanui2001

    I was always a fan of Pokemon and BEN 10 alien force. Plus Generator Rex and Adventure time.

  331. johnnybravo611 johnnybravo611

    I love the classic pokemon. Watching an old episode brings back awesome memories.

  332. KingsTailorWill KingsTailorWill

    Some love it, some hate it. But I think Uncle Grandpa is really funny and random!

  333. TheSerperiorReign TheSerperiorReign

    My favorite cartoon of all time is Pokemon!!!!!

  334. ExtremeCartoonFan ExtremeCartoonFan

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon!

  335. Nick Casner Nick Casner

    Legend of Korra right now.

  336. Loffy09 Loffy09

    My favorite is MLP FiM :3

  337. poper poper

    My favorite cartoon is spongebob squarepants

  338. babuakhil38 babuakhil38

    My Favorite is Pokemon (All Series) but most favourite Dp and bw and the newly X&Y!
    Along with Dragon Ball Z….

  339. papaattrams papaattrams

    I like pokemon

  340. randy grant randy grant

    Adventure time

  341. Manga_Guru Manga_Guru

    Adventure Time!

  342. WiiUMan WiiUMan

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon

  343. demonx101stewie demonx101stewie

    I love adventure time and fanboy and chum chum!!!

  344. EchoSongs EchoSongs

    Pokemon FTW

  345. blahblah2121 blahblah2121

    pokemon is the best

  346. DrBadass DrBadass

    Pokemon! which is why i want a 3ds 😀

  347. tyler.clinkscales tyler.clinkscales

    I’ve loved Pokemon since episode one when I was in middle school 13+ years ago.

  348. jalea jalea


  349. ahkakeru ahkakeru

    I super like Pokemon!

  350. erebusmd erebusmd


  351. CooperChris12 CooperChris12

    Spongebob,pokemon, and adventure time :))))

  352. CooperChris12 CooperChris12

    Looney tunes

  353. Haley Haley

    Adventure Time all the way! 🙂

  354. dabaig dabaig

    I like Adventure time now.. I also really like the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Those were classics and I enjoyed watching them afterschool

  355. Johnny452 Johnny452

    I really love Pokemon, ever since my dad gave me my first gameboy with Firered version, I have trained my charmander up to a level 100 charzard, and it is my favorite pokemon.

  356. StrawberryG StrawberryG

    My favourite cartoon without a doubt is Pokemon! <3
    I love watching the cartoon, collecting Pokemon items and playing Pokemon games! 😀

  357. ajhall62 ajhall62

    Bugs Bunny

  358. Dijon Dijon

    Regular Show

  359. spenrod spenrod

    I love the Grimm adventures of Billy and Mandy

  360. Saraluna Saraluna

    Adventure Time!

  361. mariodude8869 mariodude8869

    i love Ben 10

  362. marquette strdivant marquette strdivant

    i like pokemon

  363. mariodude8869 mariodude8869

    hi u guys was up
    I’d love to thank ToonBarn for this
    anyways my fav cartoon would have to be Pokemon otherwise Ben 10 Omniverse, Adventure Time, Spongebob and a whole lot of others

  364. sylveon1992 sylveon1992

    my favorite would have to be the pokemon Sylveon 😛

  365. PokeLoverEevee PokeLoverEevee

    Pokemon! 😀

  366. taimoo4 taimoo4

    Pokemon is love

  367. mariodude8869 mariodude8869

    hi, my fav cartoon is pokemon

  368. mariodude8869 mariodude8869

    hi u guys, i love toonbarn and my fav cartoon is Phineas and Ferb

  369. rthornsley rthornsley

    My favorite cartoon is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

  370. TheZaiahman19 TheZaiahman19

    My favorite cartoon would be Pokemon because who doesn’t love Pokemon! 😀

  371. John Bonner John Bonner

    Teen Titans is my most favorite cartoon so far.

  372. Jacob Jacob


  373. Marlowe Marlowe

    A tie between Pokemon and Avatar the Last Airbender

  374. jose L. gonzalez J.r. jose L. gonzalez J.r.

    favorite show:adventure time
    facebook name:call duty
    toonbarn user:pokemonFAN21

  375. Joshua Chandrasekar Joshua Chandrasekar

    I love POKEMON!

  376. michael taylor michael taylor

    my favorite cartoon is my gym partner is a monkey.

  377. Ephan Ephan

    I doubt ill win a 3ds because no one ever wins these things but I might as well try. My favorite cartoon is Teen Titans. Awesome show.

  378. Argallesmath Argallesmath

    Teen Titans all the way! Not Teen Titans Go by the way.

  379. @ephan – keep hope alive! We’ve given away about a dozen 3DS systems so far 🙂

  380. loldudydude loldudydude

    Asdventure time

  381. Bort Bort

    Fairy Tail for the win!

  382. rayray rayray

    Pokemon! <3

  383. Natasha Natasha


  384. Jordan Jordan

    Spongebob! Because of childhood xD Are you guys still doing this and when was the last winner?

  385. trey_trey_ trey_trey_

    i was the 800th twitter follower does that mean i win?

  386. Cheekyneko Cheekyneko

    Adventure time! (~* 3*)~

  387. Travis Artrip Travis Artrip


  388. Jeremy Jacinto Jeremy Jacinto

    Gravity Falls and Pokemon are my favorites

  389. EvilKittenPrincess EvilKittenPrincess

    I have so many favorites it’s hard to pick just 1… I think Teen Titans is probably my top one though!

  390. SFPicker SFPicker

    Death Note ftw <3

  391. BillieJ1995 BillieJ1995

    Dragon Ball Z

  392. Thomas Thomas

    Pokemon, Futurama, and Adventure Time.

  393. Wade Wilson Wade Wilson


  394. pokemaster739 pokemaster739


  395. reece reece


  396. SameviGaming SameviGaming

    Pokemon for me, too, but I guess it’s almost over said.

  397. coonstrudel coonstrudel

    I love Charlie Brown 😀

  398. racistpalmtree racistpalmtree

    My favorite cartoon is batman the animated series!

  399. Emmanuel Ohiri Emmanuel Ohiri

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon! POKEMON FOR THE WIN!

  400. SameviGaming SameviGaming

    Hey, uh, ToonBarn Rob, have you PMed the most recent winners for the 400 like mark on Facebook? I’d just like to know. Thanks.

  401. trishwill trishwill

    I love Pokemon!!! and Teen Titans Go!!

  402. Minerboy48 Minerboy48

    South Park

  403. Lsr7-11 Lsr7-11

    My favorite is spongebob!

  404. krutterlax krutterlax

    Spongebob Squarepant

  405. DarkRukia91 DarkRukia91

    Hey Toon Barn Rob, shouldnt this be over with already? Technically Nintendo stopped making the original 3DS for the New 3DS thats coming out in 2015. Shouldnt you be doing the XL at least?

  406. Rikumaru7 Rikumaru7

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon!

  407. I really need a 3DS so bad Since my 2ds broke so I hope I win

  408. Timothy Timothy

    my favorite cartoon is chowder

  409. BloodChime BloodChime

    My favorite cartoon is Yu-Gi-Oh

  410. Stephanie Stephanie

    My favorite cartoon is Adventure Time

  411. SerJorge SerJorge

    My favorite cartoon is the Thundercats, not the new one but the original

  412. sepehr1390 sepehr1390

    my favorite cartoon is pokemon

  413. Tishero Tishero

    Naruto’s not a cartoon really nor is pokemon soooooo i would have to say the Ben ten series

  414. PoetryAvenger PoetryAvenger

    It’s a toss-up between Regular Show and Steven Universe right now.

  415. Aman5ingh Aman5ingh

    Favorite cartoon would be Pokémon, no doubt about that!

  416. dominickfisher2508 dominickfisher2508

    My favorite cartoon is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

  417. limproved limproved


  418. Wax Winkingdale Wax Winkingdale

    Voltron is the coolest cartoon. They need to make a live action flick!

  419. sutiashley sutiashley

    My favorite cartoon is Amazing World of Gumball!

  420. Teen titans will always be my all time favorite cartoon

  421. Chrim Foish Chrim Foish

    My favorite cartoon is Recess!

  422. tinyfive tinyfive

    My favorite cartoon is bugs bunny

  423. Charlie Keo Charlie Keo

    My favorite cartoon is Pokemon X and Y.

  424. Terra Arellano Terra Arellano

    my fave cartoon is GRAVITY FALLS !!!! 😛 XD

  425. BillCipherWithTerraFOREVER BillCipherWithTerraFOREVER


  426. daniels658 daniels658

    favorite cartoon is avatar most definitely

  427. dean21 dean21

    My Favorite Cartoon Character is Ben Tennyson!!

  428. dean21 dean21

    My Favorite Cartoon is Ben 10

  429. Jason Jason

    Sonic X 😀

  430. Drakesplash Drakesplash

    My Favorite Cartoon is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

  431. Muhammad Rizwan Muhammad Rizwan

    My Favorite Cartoon is Ben ten:ultimate alien

  432. fratellojake fratellojake

    I always enjoyed the Pokemon series.

  433. Sonic The Star Sonic The Star

    my favorite cartoon is sonic boom

  434. kdogg1715 kdogg1715

    My favorite cartoon is pokemon

  435. mollymack97 mollymack97

    my favorite cartoon is Pokemon!!!

  436. Jeremy Jeremy

    Yu-Gi-Oh (original series)

  437. FDWhitey FDWhitey

    Came across ToonBarn by accident. Now, I can’t get my kids off it! Thank you for a great site!

  438. Darkhand98 Darkhand98

    Hello every body I just started today And my favorite cartoons are Amazing world of gumball Pokemon and adventure time.


  440. Too many good cartoons for me out there to count. I like Snoopy and Bugs Bunny.

  441. georgiastroger georgiastroger

    I love luigi mario party

  442. jonadorman jonadorman

    invader zim

  443. Shadowalker1 Shadowalker1

    My favorite cartoon is family guy because it is pure comedy

  444. parhpreet parhpreet

    My favourite is pokemon.

  445. AllMyInk AllMyInk

    Dragon Ball and Pokémon! Thank you so much!

  446. yat yat

    my favorite cartoon is spongebobsquarepants and fairy godparents!

  447. jbachtell1 jbachtell1

    batman the animated series

  448. jbachtell1 jbachtell1

    also forgot to mention my FB is jimmy bachtell

  449. Robotkid48 Robotkid48

    like I said sonic the hedgehog forever

  450. The unknown The unknown

    My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry

  451. Kaiser Kaiser

    My Favorite show is Yu-gi-oh

  452. techdog techdog

    Ben 10 is my favorite

  453. Donald Hill Donald Hill


  454. AmaiCandy AmaiCandy

    My favorite cartoon is BEN 10! the original XD

  455. Elliot Elliot

    My favourite cartoon is Nausicaa

  456. XxFreFree88xX XxFreFree88xX

    Favorite cartoon is Lucky Star

  457. TeamEezy TeamEezy

    My favorite is Danny Phantom
    And spectacular Spiderman

  458. broman544 broman544

    I like spongbob squarepants.

  459. mineninja22 mineninja22

    My favorite cartoon is Dragon ball super

  460. Owen Beam Owen Beam

    I love spongebob

  461. Ashika Ashika


  462. Sabaq Sabaq

    my favourite cartoon is pokemon and i want to play pokemon x & y on the 3ds

  463. ThrustMachine ThrustMachine

    My favorite cartoon is Avatar: The Legend of Aang

  464. Dlan Dlan

    my favorite cartoon is avatar the last airbender

  465. ianwmaggi ianwmaggi

    My favorite cartoon is THE SIMPSONS!!!! BOI!!!
    Facebook: ianwilliammaggi
    ToonBarn: ianwmaggi

  466. AkGenesis16 AkGenesis16

    My fav One is Ben10

  467. Shlmel Shlmel

    My favorite cartoon is POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope it is also your favorite it rocks !!!!!

  468. Yuni Yuni

    My favorite is Pokemon as well!!!

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