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Octonauts US premiere on Disney Junior

Octonauts US premiere on Disney Junior

This January 9, Monday, The underwater preschool series Octonauts will make its US debut at 11:30AM on Disney’s Disney Junior programming block. Based on the book series from Meomi Design, the Octonauts TV series aims to introduce young children to vast underwater worlds and the marine life that thrives on said places.

Octonauts features the Octonauts team, a group of individuals with their own specific specialties, guiding the preschool viewers very episode as they explore, rescue, and protect the underwater habitat. The show is targeted towards preschoolers, but is solid enough to entertain adults as well, so that they can watch together with the kids.

Octonauts has already premiered in the UK on the Cbeebies channel back in October last year, but the US has yet to get broadcasts of the edutainment show. Following the north American Disney Junior premiere, Octonauts will start airing regularly during weekdays at 11:39 am and weekends at 7:00 am.

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