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OddBods Gets Their Own Toyline

One Animation’s hit CG comedy series Oddbods is getting an upgrade, by way of a new toy and plush line that is being developed exclusively for Target retail stores across the U.S. The new Oddbods toy line will bring to life the characters’ humorous and relatable (not to mention color-coded) personalities via a number of cuddly interactive playthings.

The release of the Oddbods toyline benefits from the momentum set by the show’s recent successes, which currently includes an upcoming Halloween-themed special. There’s also the continued syndication of the 7-minute short form series, which can be seen on a wide variety of streamers such as Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, Kabillion, and Netflix.

The Oddbods toy and plush line is aimed towards children aged three and up, and priced within the $6.99 – $39.99 range. The line includes:

  • Oddbods Funny Makers Playsets – In Oddsville, you never know what might happen! Now kids can join in the fun with all their favorite Oddbods characters right in their neighborhood. Squeeze an Oddbod to activate a funny prank! The Oddbods Funny Makers figures are also available in a smaller size. Styles include: Bubbles in Space, Dinner Time for Zee, Fuse’s Revenge and Jeff’s Surprise.
  • Oddbods Light Capture Speed & Action Game – A fun, interactive light-up game that will have kids in fits of laughter! Lay out your characters, decide who’s going to be red and who blue, and start them off. As the characters light up, race to be the first to tap that character. If it remains illuminated in your color, collect the character to your side. The player with the most captured Oddbods is the winner!
  • Oddbods Crash Derby – It’s paper-scissors-stone, Oddbods style! Challenge your friends to see whose Oddbod will eject from its wacky vehicle on impact!
  • Oddbods 3” Keychain – The perfect accessory for every backpack or a fun stocking stuffer idea! Features their iconic sounds as well as a unique facial expression to reflect their individual personality. Available in seven styles: Bubbles, Fuse, Jeff, Newt, Pogo, Slick and Zee.
  • Oddbods Buddies – Plush pals tough enough to take on any roughhousing, but soft enough to snuggle and squeeze! Each character features their iconic sounds and phrases, as well as a unique facial expression to reflect their individual personality. To activate, simply shake your Oddbods Buddy! They even have special sound effects that are activated when they meet each other! Available in four styles: Fuse, Bubbles, Newt and Pogo.

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