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One-Hour Special of Rocko’s Modern Life on Nickelodeon

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1st original animated Nickelodeon series on August 11, Nickelodeon has announced the return of the 90s classic toon Rocko’s Modern Life in a 1-hour television special, which is executive produced by its original series creator Joe Murray.

According to Niceklodeon, the Rocko’s Modern Life special brings back the classic characters of the show and offer some astonishing new takes on the life in O-Town. The casting information and premiere date will be revealed in the coming months.

The series originally broadcasted from 1993 to 1996. It focuses the 2D animated adventures of Rocko, an Australian wallaby and his two best friends Filburt (A Woody Allen-esque turtle) and Heffer Wolfe (steer raised by wolves) as they navigated life in O-Town.


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