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In the Ongoing Saga in the Wage Fixing Scandal, Sony Pictures agrees to a settlement

Deadline Hollywood now reports that Sony Animation will pay the defendants $13 million dollars:

“Plaintiffs have reached a settlement with Defendants Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc. and Sony Pictures Animation Inc. and by early next week will file a motion for preliminary approval of this settlement,” declared a case management filing in federal court on April 29 by lawyers for plaintiffs Robert Nitsch Jr., David Wentworth and Georgia Cano”

The reasoning is simple:

Following Blue Sky’s lead, the Sony units settlement also indicate that the nearly 2-year old case may see the House of Mouse divisions and the now Comcast-purchased DWA primed to put their cards on the table too. Certainly for Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DWA, which Comcast bid $3.8 billion for late last week, a settlement would provide a regulatory advantageous clean slate moving into the closing stages of the sale.

So this could mean the end of the case is near? The defendants lost one of their arguments (that Pixar e-mails talking about wage fixing, was not admissible in court) and then Blue Sky setting out of court. It could be within a matter of days before Disney, and then later The New Universal Animation Studios will settle with the Defendants.

This long tale might be coming to a close, but stay tuned, there maybe a few kinks in the story yet to be told.

More will be coming soon.

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