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Owen Hurley Named as Animation & Games Creative Director of Technicolor


Technicolor has recently announced the appointment of Owen Hurley as the new Creative Director of their Animation and Games group. Hurley will be based at Technicolor Digital Productions’ animated studio at Bangalore, India, where he will be overseeing creative development.

Hurley is tasked with driving the artistic and creative expertise of the Company’s studio in India, and will be in charge of executing on its clients’ visions. He will also support the group’s original content development business and report to the management team in Los Angeles. Hurley will have oversight of the creative workflow among the various departments and the implementation of innovative solutions for the studio’s productions.


“Owen, who recently produced and directed Technicolor’s Barbie™ in the Pink Shoes production for Mattel, will be an invaluable member of our creative management team,” said Robert Winthrop, Head of Animation and Games for Technicolor Digital Productions, in announcing Hurley’s appointment. “His wealth of production experience across a multitude of formats and genres, combined with his extensive leadership and project management skills, will serve to grow Technicolor’s Animation and Games unit by ensuring that our studio continues to surpass our clients’ creative and qualitative expectations.”

“I’ve enjoyed working with the Technicolor Animation and Games team in both Los Angeles and India,” added Hurley. “This group of talented and hard-working artists share my work ethic and commitment to innovative, high-quality animation. I’m excited to make the move to India and look forward to leading the continued growth of this flourishing animation studio.”

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