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Bratz versus Barbie

There may be trouble for upcoming Bratz cartoons.  Legal trouble!  Just the other day, a court ruled that the Bratz just a bit too similar to Barbies — especially since the creator used to work for Mattel, Barbie’s creator.  No word yet on how this will impact the toys or the ...


Viva Pinata DS : new video

Viva Pinata is a bright and beautiful and fun world, both the cartoon and the Xbox 360 game – and soon to be Xbox 360 games.  Now, the world of Viva Pinata is coming to the Nintendo DS!  Check out the beautiful trailer, and reserve space in your gaming hearts for ...


Pokemon in SSBB – Mew

If there’s one thing Super Smash Bros Brawl has, its tons of Pokemon! We’ve talked about Celebi, we’ve talked about Jirachi, now it’s time for Mew to shine!  Because it can use all kinds of moves, many scientists believe Mew to be the ancestor of Pokemon.  In the game, It softly ascends to the sky while dropping off one CD.  Like the others so far, it would be your ...


The Smurfs hit DVD

The Smurfs are coming back to DVD!  The first volume was available back in February, but now Warner Home Video has announced the October 7th debut of The Smurfs – Season 1, Volume 2.  20 episodes, all remastered in high quality, on a 2-disc set.  Plus, a “Smurfology 101” bonus called “I Smurf the Smurf” all about the history of the little blue guys. Check out the ...


Where the Wild Things …Aren’t

Looks like we’ll have to wait just a little longer to see Max and all of his monster pals appear on the big screen.  Warner Brothers has reportedly delayed the release of the film for at least a few additional months.  Maybe summer 2009 will work ...



An unstoppable force has traveled the galaxy for millennia, consuming countless planets and civilizations.  Its next target is Earth — and YOU are the last line of defense!!  …or, at least, that’s what Cartoon Network wants you to believe with their new show FusionFall, that starts up in a few months.  What do you think, does this sound like a good ...


Diego’s Moonlight Rescue

Nickelodeon’s Go, Diego, Go is hitting the big screen … on the little screen!  Diego’s primetime TV movie, Diego’s Moonlight Rescue, will premiere on Monday, August 18th at 8PM.  Be sure to check out the flick, and bring your popcorn! ...


ToonBarn Eggatars!

Announcing ToonBarn Eggatars! Take control of your appearance on the ToonBarn Forum by grabbing an “egg template” and adding to it whatever you want!  Long-flowing hair, an underwater background scene, stripes, colors, textures, a face!  Make your Eggatar look exactly like a cartoon version of you!  Go check it out ...


Love-E Wall-E!

Fans continued to show their love for Wall-E, as the cute little robot earned another $32 million dollars over the holiday this weekend.  In total, Wall-E has only been in theaters for less than 2 weeks, but has already made $127 million dollars!  Have you seen it yet?  And, if so, are you going to see it again and again and ...


Hello world! Welcome to ToonBarn

The adventure begins! …well, er, continues. ToonBarn is still going on, still going strong, but now we have an entirely new format, designed to get you the latest news as quick as possible. So sit back, click around, and soak it in! ToonBarn is here to stay ... now has 410 pages of news and games!« First Page406407408409410

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