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New Paranorman Trailer

New Paranorman Trailer

We’re already way past the time when animated movies can still use Halloween as little training wheels on the box office. It’s December so your animated film should have something to do about Christmas of bust. This is why it’s doubly impressive how Paranorman, an animated film that would be more at home during the Halloween season, still generates a lot of buzz with its new official trailer

LAIKA studios’ Paranorman follows the story of a young boy who must use his ability to communicate with the dead to fight ghosts, zombies, and even grown ups and save his town from an ancient curse. The 3D movie comes from the same people who brought you Flushed Away and The Tale of Despereaux, and features the voice talents of Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anna Kendrick, Leslie Mann, John Goodman, and Casey Affleck. Paranorman is slated for an August 17, 2012 release.


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