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Pixar and Disney launch The Incredibles on Blu-ray and DVD

Pixar and Disney launch The Incredibles on Blu-ray and DVD

Today, April 12th, is a good day. For all of you Disney fans out there, for all of you Pixar fans out there, for the Super Hero fans out there… The Incredibles are coming home to Blu-ray and DVD. There have been a number of comic book style films over the years, and The Incredibles are difficult to overlook for being amongst the Dark Knights and X-Mens of our day. The same can be said when ranking the top animated films; maybe the Lion King is champ, maybe Tangled or Shrek have set new bars, but The Incredibles is easily fighting for the spot. And after years of waiting patiently for the blockbuster, where all the movie has done is grown in popularity through video rentals, we’re finally, FINALLY, getting the flick today in a Blu-ray HD edition. And things will be …Incredible.

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