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Planeta Junior Italia Signs Agreement for Peter Pan Brand


Planeta Junior Italia has recently signed an agreement with Ranocchiore for products that bear the famous Peter Pan Brand. The agreement will allow Planeta Junior Italia to develop merchandise relating to party favors, photoframes, and many others bearing the iconic brand.

The New Adventures of Peter Pan series is currently being produced by DQ Entertainment (India) with help from De Agostini Editore S.P.A./DeAKids. The show follows the titular flying boy and his best friend Tinkerbell, along with a new generation of Wendy and brothers John and Michael, as well as a dog named Newfie. Peter and his friends will take on Peter’s long time foe, Captain Hook and his pirates and all other unimaginable evils in a never ending battle to save Neverland in a fantasy adventure 3D HD TV series.

The series is currently airing on DeAkids.

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