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Planeta Junior and m4e Team Up for The Beatrix Girls

German brand management and media company m4e will be teaming up with Planet Junior in order to co-produce and distribute a new mixed media TV series called The Beatrix Girls. The series will be co-produced with POPmedia Brands’ Sherry Gunther Shugerman, with production set to start later this year.

The show is targeting 52 episodes and will run for 11 minutes each, using a hybrid sitcom format featuring The Beatrix Girls’ brand of collectible pop star dolls and its associated original music (which in turn boasts of over 23 million views on Youtube.)

The Beatrix Girls show will follow the daily lives of best friends Brayden, Lark, Ainsley and Chantal – or collectively known as pop band sensations The Beatrix Girls. The twist to the formula is that the girls happen to be 12 inch dolls living in a normal-sized world. The episodes will feature catchy pop songs developed by award-winning songwriters and producers.

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