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Planeta Junior Presents European Children’s Animation Co-Productions at MIPJUNIOR

Planeta Junior Presents European Children’s Animation Co-Productions at MIPJUNIOR

Leading European kids programming production and distribution company Planeta Junior will be participating in this year’s MIPJunior in Cannes (October 6 & 7) by presenting three of their most recent animated co-productions: Camille, Egyxos, and Magiki.

The new productions will be spearheading Planeta Junior’s offering for the coming season, but far from being alone, they will be joined by established titles such as Maya the Bee 3D, which is scheduled to premiere this fall in Spain and Italy, and Vicky the Viking 3D, which will present its first episode in the audiovisual market.

Planeta Junior will also present a new series aimed towards preschoolers called Lua’s World, which is produced by Triacom Audiovisual and whose international television, home video, licensing and merchandising rights are held by Planeta Junior thanks to a recent agreement between the two companies.

About Planeta Junior:

With an overall investment of over EUR 5 million, Planeta Junior is committed to the production of animated series as part of the strategic activity, by way of a variety of agreements with the biggest international production companies in the world of animated series. Planeta Junior’s strategy is participation in productions based on film and television classics with a plan that includes a toys and publishing project. The company’s participation in these projects also includes the exploitation of licensing rights of said productions in the markets where Planeta Junior is present (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece and Eastern Europe).

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