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Platinum Films’ Matt Hatter Chronicles Gets New TV Deals

Platinum Films' Matt Hatter Chronicles Gets New TV Deals

UK-based Platinum Films has recently completed new TV sales for their CGI 3D animated adventure series Matt Hatter Chronicles. The 26 x 22 boy-targeted series now has a home with SABC (South Africa) and Al Jazzera’s Children’s Channel (Arabic territories).

Produced by Platinum Films and animated by Arc Productions, Matt Hatter Chronicles follows the adventures of an average 13 year old boy named Matt, who finds out that his family is the defender of a gateway that leads to another dimension – the Multiverse. In an effort to help save his family, Matt is tasked with fighting and defeating villains from various movies, myths, and legends.

Season 1 (13 x 22) launched in the UK on Nicktoons in fall 2011 and then aired on CITV in spring 2012. The second season (13 x 22) aired on Nicktoons in spring 2012, and is scheduled to run on CITV this fall. Season three of Matt Hatter Chronicles is currently in pre-production.

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