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PlayPlus Launches Canimals Facebook Hub

PlayPlus Launches Canimals Facebook Hub

Social game developer PlayPlus has just launched Cantasia on Facebook, which is a new kid-friendly social gaming hub based on the stereoscopic 3D property Canimals. Cantasia will be bringing together several characters from the Aardman Animations, Voozclub, and BRB Internacional series to the US for the first time.

Cantasia will let kids customize their own Cantasia cities and complete different quests. The launch will feature one mini game, titled Canimals Match 3, but more mini games will be launched in time. Canimals Match 3 will also be launched for mobile devices from Samsung Apps for the first three weeks after the launch.

Canimals is a 52 x 7 series that currently ranks among the top kids’ shows in South Korea and Taiwan, featuring the adventures of several can-shaped, CGI animals as well as the mischief that they can get up to in the real, live-action world. Canimals animated characters are currently licensed in more than 35 countries and distributed in over 25 countries.

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