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Pound Puppies Season 2 on The Hub

Pound Puppies Season 2 on The Hub

On Saturday, June 2 at 9AM ET, the lovable mutts from Pound Puppies will be returning to The Hub for their second season, bringing with them a whole host of cute, adorable mutts that are in need of a home. The half hour 2D animated series focuses on the daily adventures of a group of hyper intelligent animals who run a secret underground pound dedicated to finding homes for their fellow orphaned animals.

Pound Puppies’ second season will introduce several new characters, including pups-in-training Rebound, Cupcake, and Patches, who will form the Super Secret Pup Club and join the Pound Puppies on their wild adventures and quest o ensure that every pet has a home. The season opening episode has Squirt revealing his secret past as a champion Frisbee catching dog, and pledges to teach newcomer Zipper his best moves.

You can check out the amazing promo below, which features a very popular guest star:

Neil Raymundo

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  1. Fred Fred

    I’m really looking forward to season 2, and I’m hoping for a 3rd season!

  2. Fred Fred

    …Oh, and for the record, Cupcake and Rebound were already introduced in season 1.

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