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Premiere of Elena of Avalor Bagged Number One in Ratings

The premiere of the original animated series Elena of Avalor on July 22 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior bagged the number 1 spot among all kid-targeted television networks in total 4.2 million viewers (kids 2-11 – 2.2 million/5.6 rating and adults 18-49 – 1.1 million/0.9 rating) for 2016 to date.

Elena of Avalor’s first 2 episodes introduced a princess who is inspired by various Latin folklore and cultures and these episodes produced 1.4 million viewer engagements, including more than one million on Disney Junior App in a few days and an additional 3.9 million views of the first episode and thirteen videos on the YouTube Disney Channel. The series premiere among Hispanic viewers was the number 1 telecast of third quarter of 2016 to date (girls 2-11 – 5.2 rating, girls 6-8 – 6.0 rating).

So far, Elena of Avalor has brought more than 6.5 million viewer engagements on the Disney Junior app and Disney Channel app and another 686,000 engagements on Disney Channel Set-top Box Video-on-Demand. The fan base of the series covers more than 15 million across key social media platforms including Twitter (1.5 million), Facebook (7.8 million), YouTube (1.2 million) and Instagram (4.5 million).


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