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PUCCA ~ New cheeky short


The 1st Official PUCCA 3D animation short “Trick Love” was released this morning. VOOZ has been experimenting with converting the simple 2D Character into a 3D version for the last 3 years. (A music video was created by AHH TAE HYUN back in 2012 and 3D versions of PUCCA and friends having been popping up in apps) The PUCCA FUNNY LOVE animated shorts have been produced in-house and traditionally made using Flash.  Themes always about love and are usually  relevant to the season. Over recent years the number of shorts created have been slowly been declining. This new look 3D version could mean a relaunching of the brand.

PUCCA a Korean character was first introduced as a web based flash animation back in 2000 and went on to star in her own TV Series for two seasons in 2006 and 2008 produced by VOOZ, Jetix Europe and Studio B Productions, later it aired on Disney XD. In 2010 the PUCCA brand was picked up by Warner Brothers. The Licensing and Contents business is now managed by VOOZCLUB.

Click here to see the short: PUCCA Trick Love
And here for the Music Video: PUCCA – Love Crash (2012 music video)

Antony Norman Gusscott

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