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Rainbow Brite, Robotech get new video game tabletop mini arcades

Dormitus Brands is reviving the classic 1980s Coleco Mini Arcades on Kickstarter with new Rainbow Brite and Robotech tie-ins. Since launching earlier this month, the company’s campaign has more than doubled its $30,000 goal.

While the original Mini Arcades were typically recreations of popular arcade games from the era, the new Evolved ones are full fledged titles. Rainbow Brite: Journey to Rainbow Land, developed by acclaimed homebrewer Bob Decrescenzo with assistance from Illya Wilson and Bobby Clark, is an original NES style role-playing game. A port of the 2002 Gameboy Advance title of the same name, Robotech the Macross Saga offers fans the ability to pilot their Veritech in shoot’em up game play.

Both games are presented with a full colour display, utilizing what Dormitus describes as a “powerful new gaming chip set.” Compared to what was released decades ago, the manufacturer promises a revamped joystick and accurate action buttons, plus a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack. Like the original, each mini cabinet will be decced out in art wraps.

The choice of licenses certainly is fitting of the ’80s. Rainbow Brite, created by Hallmark, debuted in 1983 and starred in her own television series and theatrical. The Robotech anime series, a hodgepodge of three separate shows stitched together by Harmony Gold, launched in 1985.

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