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Ranger Rob Due for Another Season

With the successful first season of Nelvana’s original animated series Ranger Rob, it is no wonder that parent company Corus Entertianment has greenlighted a second season consisting of 14 new episodes. The series is notable for ranking top on Treehouse in Canada iwht boys 2-11 over the Fall 2016 season, along with ratings successes on other broadcasters such as TF1 (France), Super RTL (Germany), Disney Channel (Australia), Nickelodeon (Italy), Canal Panda (Portugal), YLE/TV2 (Finland) and Hop! (Israel).

Ranger Rob follows a 10 year old ranger-in-training named Rob, who ziplines, swings, snowboards and goes on adventures of exploration and discovery in and around the Big Sky Park, a one of a kind place that contains every kind of outdoor environment within its borders.

“Ranger Rob ignites a sense of adventure and discovery in kids, and we have been overwhelmed with how kids and families have embraced the series and joined in on the fun with us,” said Pam Westman, Head of Nelvana Enterprises. “The journey has only just begun and fans should get ‘Ranger Ready’ for lots of new and exciting outdoor adventures to come in season two.”

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