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Raving Rabbids animated series gets CG animation from Ubisoft

Raving Rabbids animated series gets CG animation from Ubisoft

Years ago, Ubisoft created the Rayman franchise, destined to become one of video games most popular icons. As the years went by, and more titles were released, the Rayman universe branched out; introducing, then staring, a crazed mutant bunny army of enemies: the Rabbids. Raving Rabbids, to be specific. These screaming aliens were pushed to the forefront in this most recent generation of consoles, most notably the Nintendo Wii, where the games were filled with hilarious CG animated cut scenes. Early on, we suspected this could land the Rabbids their own cartoon. Thankfully, Ubisoft has heard our calls, delivering just that! 78 seven minute episodes (for 26 half hour toons) have been created, featuring the CG Rabbids in glorious 3D rendering. No official word yet on what channel will be their new home, but we can guarantee you’ll hear them screaming soon enough!

Raving Rabbids

Ubisoft Rabbids

Pirate Rabbids

Rabbids CG

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