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Redakai Brings Christmas Cheer to Canal J

Redakai Brings Christmas Cheer to Canal J

Canal J has just launched an online holiday contest that will award 100 amazing Redakai TCG boxed sets to fans of the hit animated action series. The contest will culminate in a five-episode mini marathon of the cartoon on Canal J on Christmas Eve.

Canal J’s Redakai competition will run from December 3rd to December 23, and contestants participate by playing an online game on Canal J’s website. All players who manage to score over 1000 are entered into a lottery with winners announced online between December 28 and December 31st.

The first 50 winners will receive the highly coveted REDAKAI SUPER PACK, containing:

1 Tournament-ready structure deck of 43 Blast3DTM X-Drives
1 The Redakombat Set containing all of the accessories you need to become a true Redakai Master: Card screen, Kairu Counter, battlefield, and an exclusive Firuption X-Drive!
1 3-D Redakai figurine with amazing projection technology!

The second fifty contestants will win a Redakai Pack containing:

1 starter pack with two sets of 11 cards, a storage tin and a collector’s card
1 six-card Booster pack
1 3-D Redakai figurine with amazing projection technology

For more information on Redakai or to learn how to play visit

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