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Release Date of The Nut Job 2 Revealed

Open Road Films has just announced a new release date for the upcoming sequel to the CG animated film The Nut Job, which has been aptly titled “The Nut Job 2.” The original January 15, 2016 release date has since been pushed back to May 19, 2017.

The first film in the franchise was released in January 2014, and was heavily criticized for its story and clunky characterization, but it proved itself where it really matters – the box office – by earning over $121 million globally, with an additional $22 million in sales for its home video release.

In the second film, Surly Squirrel (Will Arnett) and his animal friends join forces against an evil mayor who has a wicked plan to demolish their park and build an amusement park in its place.

Peter Lepeniotis, the director of the original film and created Surly Squirrel didn’t come back to direct the sequel. The Nut Job 2 is directed by Cal Brunker (Escape From Planet Earth) from a script he co-wrote with Scott Bindley and Bob Barlen. Redrover Co. Ltd (Korean studio), Toonbox Entertainment (Canadian outfit) and Gulfstream Pictures are managing the production.

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