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REVIEW: Disney’s Zootopia Arrives on June 7 via Digital HD, Blu-Ray, and DMA

This coming June 7, 2016, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ groundbreaking CG animated comedy adventure Zootopia will be released on Digital HD, Blu-Ray, and Disney Movies Anywhere. The film managed to garner critical acclaim and a healthy box office cume when it was initially released on theaters, no doubt buoyed by the impressive voice cast headed by Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin, and the fact that it upholds Disney’s renowned wholesome comedy standards.

As far as the home release is concerned, it is from Walt Disney Animation and it’s a new release, so quality is expected when it comes to video and audio clarity. What most potential watchers are interested in is the movie itself, if they haven’t watched the film yet. (If they’ve watched the film, the home video release is a definite must buy.)

So What is Zootopia About?

Zootopia is a family fantasy film set in a fictional world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, who have built a society that closely mirrors ours (in the sense that it functions much like the real world, except instead of people, there are only animals who talk and act like we do.) Oddly enough, Zootopia is somewhat better than ours because the titular city is idyllic and inhabited by predators and prey who live together in harmony.

The story is told using a cheerful and witty proxy named Judy Hopps. A small town rabbit that wants to be a police officer in Zootopia, Judy is discouraged from pursuing the position by virtue of the job being more suited to predators and large herbivores. Judy proves her detractors wrong and passes police training anyway, only to be relegated to meter maid duty.

Judy eventually finds herself teaming up with a sarcastic, lackadaisical red fox named Nick Wilde, which proves to be difficult at first as not only is Nick an untrustworthy small time hustler, Judy also had a traumatic encounter with a fox as a child, making her understandably uncomfortable with Nick’s presence. Unfortunately, she has no choice as Nick seems to be her only hope of saving a case that involves the mysterious disappearance of a dozen predators.

For Kids and Adults Alike

Zootopia, like many of Disney’s popular recent films, manages an impressive balance of child-friendly plots and some underlying mature (if not dark) themes. The balance is great in a way that parents won’t have to worry about whether their kids are ready to tackle topics that are considered mature (such as what predators do to prey, or what domesticating does to carnivorous predators, etc.) as the film is enjoyable even if those subtexts are missed completely.

A kid who’s not ready for those topics will most definitely ignore them, choosing to focus instead on the knee-slapping humor and bright, colorful visuals. On the other hand, adults will most definitely pick up and enjoy some of the more mature subtext, which make Zootopia a very flexible piece of entertainment that can be enjoyed on multiple levels.

At the end of the day, and without revealing too much about the main conflict in the story, Zootopia is recommended for viewers who want to stock up on lighthearted mysteries – because there is one and solving it can be fun (though most adults will see the twist from a mile away.) To a lesser extent, the film is also a great addition to your collection of bright, visually attractive films that are pulled out whenever you want to justify your purchase of a high end HD TV.


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