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Review – Sofia the First: The Floating Palace

Last April 8th, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released Sofia the First: The Floating Palace on Disney DVD. The story itself will be familiar to fans of Sofia the First, as it is the home video edition of a full-length special that aired on the Disney Channel last November.

In The Floating Palace, Sofia finds herself transformed into a mermaid in order to help a mermaid princess, Oona, with an injured trail. As expected of a feature-length special, the story in The Floating Palace is a little bit heavier than what you see in the average Princess Sofia episode – it tackles the gap that separates mermaids from humans and the distrust that has festered in said gap.

Additionally, the story is rare in that the characters faced actual physical danger – such as when the mermaid queen sends a storm toward Sofia’s family’s royal ship due to the aforementioned mistrust and a little misunderstanding. There’s also a cameo from another popular Disney princess. In case the theme of the movie hasn’t given it away yet, it’s Princess Ariel.

Parents don’t have to worry though, despite the heavier narrative, the Floating Palace is still light enough for kids. There’s nothing in it that you wouldn’t see in Disney’s kid’s movies. There’s also the requisite moral lesson. There are lots, actually, but the main one seems to be about trust and the fact that children shouldn’t judge or hate other people just because they are different.


Bonus Content

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment release if there are no bonus goodies. Content-wise, Sofia the First: The Floating Palace comes with additional episodes: Tri Kingdom Picnic, Finding Clover, and Make Way for Miss Nettle. The DVD package also comes with a tangible bonus – FREE exclusive friendship bracelets.

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