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Rise of the Guardians Brings in $32.4M Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Rise of the Guardians Brings in $32.4M Over Thanksgiving Weekend

DreamWorks Animation has something to be thankful about after the long Thanksgiving weekend, as their much-anticipated CG epic Rise of the Guardians, which managed a 74% rating on rotten tomatoes, brought in an estimated $32.4 million at the box office over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

The movie also brought in $13.5 million in eight overseas markets, bringing its total cume to $45.9M. It should be noted that Rise of the Guardians is the last DreamWorks animated title to be distributed by Paramount, with Fox replacing them as the studio’s new partner for the next five years.

Meanwhile, Disney/Pixar’s CG animated offering Wreck-It Ralph shows no sign of slowing down, managing a $16.8 million gross at the local box office over the thanksgiving weekend, bringing its total to $149.5 domestically since its release last November 2.

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