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Robert Rodriguez Preps Heavy Metal

Robert Rodriguez Preps Heavy Metal

Director Robert Rodriguez is planning to get into animation with the formation of a new company called QuickDraw Animation. One of the first major projects of Rodriguez’ new company is a new feature film version of Heavy Metal.

There’s already been 2 previous animated films based on the Heavy Metal franchise, but Quickdraw’s version will be the first to use CG-animation (Rodriguez says that his company will focus exclusively on CG animation). The story and visual elements will be handled by a core team of six to eight animators, who will all be based at Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios in Texas. The actual animation work is expected to be farmed out. Note that this Heavy Metal movie is different from the one David Fincher is working on, since Fincher’s project was already dropped. Rodriguez then swooped in and acquired the rights.

Quickdraw Animation is also working on a second animated feature, but Rodriguez has declined to name the film in order to avoid giving away the content.

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