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Rocket Monkeys Launches on January 10

Rocket Monkeys Launches on January 10

Teletoon’s newest animated series, Rocket Monkeys, will be making its grand premiere on Thursday, January 10 at 6:30p, ET/PT. The series will be introducing viewers to the siblings Gus and Wally, two inept monkeys who have a tendency to wreak havoc on an intergalactic scale.

Rocket Monkeys features voice work by some of Canada’s brightest comedy stars, such as Mark McKinney (voice of Lord Peel), Seán Cullen (voice of Gus) and introducing Mark Edwards (voice of Wally). Rocket Monkeys follows the strangely hilarious exploits of Gus and Wally as they are tasked with all kinds of important missions, only for the duo to fumble and bumble their tasks along the way. Fortunately, the monkeys get some much needed assistance from YAY-OK, their dashing and devoted (if slightly outdated) robot.

“Rocket Monkeys is completely off-the-wall, with a comic sensibility that just screams Teletoon,” said Alan Gregg, Director, Original Content, Teletoon Canada Inc. “We’re very proud of this show and we’re confident that kids are going to love it as much as we do.”

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