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Rooster Teeth’s New Short-Form Series: Nature Town

Rooster Teeth's New Short-Form Series: Nature Town

If you’re looking for a funny, short form animated series to watch for free, you may want to check out Rooster Teeth Productions’ new web series called Nature Town, which is described as a “bizarre blend of debauchery, argumentative nonsense and very stupid animals.”

Nature Town is voiced by the same people behind the voices of the cult hit Red vs Blue, and uses a stylized paper cut out animation style that provides a jarring but refreshing mix of photorealism and surrealism.

The latest episode of Nature Town is entitled “Attack of the Sloth”, which features a turtle and a pigeon being terrorized by a Sloth that is on an alleged murderous rampage. Of course, if you know what a Sloth is, and what it’s capable of, you’ll get a basic idea on what makes this episode so funny. But watch out for the twist at the end! Seriously, watch out because it’s going to hit you like a ton of bricks thrown by M.Night Shyamalan (Don’t ask how. He’s very strong.)

Watch the episode now, for free:

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