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Rovio’s Piggy Tales: Third Act Coming to ToonTV

Rovio Animation has recently launched yet another spin-off from their extremely successful Angry Birds franchise, this time focusing on the porcepine foil to the perpetually angry fowls. Titled Piggy Tales: Third Act, the launch marks the third season of the CG animated short series, with the newest episode “Wrong Floor” debuting on their ToonsTV app for both the iOS and Android platform before eventually making its way to the Angry Birds games’ ToonsTV channel and Youtube channel.

“Piggy Tales is a highly popular series among our unique animated shorts, airing on the ToonsTV, DVD and syndicated channels,” said Tommy Korpinen, President, Rovio Animation. “Following the massive success of The Angry Birds Movie, we’re continuing to focus on bringing creative storytelling and humorous animated content to fans on the ‘small’ screen with ToonsTV.”

Piggy Tales boasts of over 1 billion views since it first debuted in 2014, and serves as one of the frontrunners in Rovio’s campaign to boost the library of their VOD service. You can check out the teaser clip for the Third Act below:

piggy tales

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