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Russell Brand to Create an Animated Show

Russell Brand to Create an Animated Show

Russell Brand is famous for a lot of things – his very animated comedic style, his penchance for loud, public performances, and for marrying Katy Perry (okay, mostly for marrying Katy Perry). Soon, we can add “for creating an animated TV series” to the list.

A recent NYMAG report states that the British comedian is in talks to team with Chernin Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox for a proposed half-hour cartoon. Do not underestimate Russell Brand’s proposed show, because even though the comedian has very little experience with cartoons, he’s bringing in the big guns: under the deal, his pilot script will be written by Dan Fybel and Rich Rinaldi, whose past credits include the Sarah Silverman Program and Fox’s hit cartoon Bob’s Burgers. They are also slated to share “created by” credits with Brand.

There are no networks attached to the show yet, but if the deal goes through, there is a big possibility that 20th’s sister company, Fox TV will be first in line. At the very least, they will have the rights to first refusal. There are no details yet on whether Brand will lend his voice to the show or will only be lending his talents on the backend process.

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