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The Saga of Rex Kickstarter Launched

The Saga of Rex Kickstart Launched

Acclaimed artist/animator and game designer Michel Gagne (Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet), has just launched a new kickstarter drive for a new animated feature titled The Saga of Rex. The film will be based on his graphic novel, which focuses on a fox named Rex, who is abducted by a spaceship in order to become part of a cosmic ritual. The kickstarter drive has an initial goal of raising at least $15,000 and will end on Nov. 22.

“The Saga of Rex is a labor of love that reflects my deep love for science fiction, strange creatures, otherwordly concepts, and classical animation,” he writes on the page. “When I created the graphic novel, I literally saw it as a movie in my head and treated the whole thing as a fully art directed storyboard. I saw the characters, the effects and the landscapes move in my mind’s eye, and tried to convey as much of that feeling as I could on the pages.”

Some of the perks of funding the project include autographed books and DVDs, associate producer or executive producer title and others. You can watch the clip below to get an idea of what Gagne is aiming for:

To participate in the funding drive for Saga of Rex, you can visit their kickstarter page.

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